Advantages of fingerprint digital lock

Digital Lock is an advanced and convenient electronic locking system that allows the door to be opened and locked using a fingerprint, code key, and keys. Its purpose is to allow easy and convenient opening and closing and to allow you to turn around and exit without keys. The fingerprint digital lock operates using batteries as an independent unit without the need for infrastructure, preparations, power points, a lock in the door frame, and the like. You can go to work, run, take the kids to kindergarten and more, and all this without taking a key.

How does It work?

The biometric lock operates using 4 A alkaline batteries. No need to charge batteries, connect to a charging station and/or to the mains. The lock operates using standard and standard batteries (finger batteries), so there is no need to purchase special and expensive batteries, which can only be obtained from the manufacturer. Use quality batteries such as a dorsal, energizer, and the like.


 The lock is suitable for installation on all types of multi-bolt doors (steel doors), fire doors, iron doors, and wooden doors of suitable thickness.

  • It can also be installed on glass doors with an aluminum frame of suitable width.
  • The lock is suitable for main entrance doors as well as interior doors, for home, business, office, warehouse, and more.
  • The lock has an elegant and luxurious look and comes in three colors to choose from shiny gold, smooth silver, matte black.
  • The lock is made of high-quality stainless steel and is extremely durable, and includes protection against sun damage.
  • The lock includes a built-in biometric fingerprint reader or a keypad coder with illuminated buttons, and the option to open and lock using the keys provided during installation.