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The SLRI Maurice Tougas Award recognizes excellence among the graduating class of GSLISā€™s School Library Media Program by rewarding the hard work of an emerging professional to develop future leaders in the state in honor of Maurice Tougas's legacy.

Who is eligible for this award? Any current GSLIS student in good standing with an expected graduation date in 2017 who is nominated by GSLIS Faculty and who meets the selection criteria outlined below (current SLRI Executive Board members--officers, immediate past president, standing committee chairs, members-at-large--are not eligible for this award)

How are nominees and the winner chosen for this award? The GSLIS Faculty, under the direction of the School Library Media Coordinator, submits the names of up to three nominees; the SLRI Awards Committee, in consultation with the SLRI Executive Board, selects the winner

When will the award be announced? At the SLRI Annual Conference on March 10, 2017

What form does the award take? A certificate and a check of $500.00 will be awarded

Selection Criteria: 

Nominees must

  • achieve high academic performance
  • demonstrate leadership qualities
  • exhibit potential for noteworthy contributions to the field
  • be a matriculated GSLIS student in good standing who will graduate in 2017
  • complete a student teaching practicum at a Rhode Island school with the intention to become part of the Rhode Island professional community

Submission Guidelines: 

  • Nominees are contacted via email by the SLRI Awards Chair and all submission guidelines and deadlines are communicated therein
  • Nominees must submit a current resume and a one-page essay on a topic of SLRI's choosing
  • Concise, well-written, engaging entries enjoy a clear advantage over other submissions
  • Incomplete, illegible, or late entries will be disqualified
  • At least 3 readers will review submissions using the attached rubric
  • The nominees and/or the award recipient may be invited to serve a future role in SLRI
  • The purpose of this award is to recognize excellence as defined by the criteria and rubric posted above; SLRI reserves the right to withhold the award if submissions do not meet these requirements

Nominees must submit the Nominee Acknowledgment Form by February 10, 2017 and a current resume and essay by March 3, 2017. Any questions about this award or about the application process may be emailed to with “Maurice Tougas Award” in the subject line. 

Due to time constraints, no mail-in application forms will be available. All submissions must be made online using the forms provided to nominees via email by the SLRI Awards Chair.

The SLRI Awards Committee thanks you for your time and your enthusiasm in support of school library programs and services.

Previous Recipients:

  • 2017-Alyssa Taft
  • 2016-Kristin Polseno
  • 2015-Kevin St. Jean
  • 2013- Sarah Ornstein
  • 2012-Laura Gladding
  • 2011- Suzanne Jordan
  • 2010- Leah Chapdelaine
  • 2008- Mary Beauchemin
  • 2007- Stephanie Mills
  • 2006- Zachary Berger
  • 2005-Darshell Silva
  • 2004-Jill Jackson-Fernandes
  • 2003- Debra Cohen
  • 2002- Michelle Steever
  • 2001-Donna Hayes
  • 2000-Rosanne Trissler and Maureen Ingegneri
  • 1999-Suzanne Lynch
  • 1996- Heidi Blais

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