Lombok Indonesia – A New Paradise Destination

travel in indonesiaAn island of Bali, Lombok, Indonesia is bringing tourists due to attractions that are cheap and its beaches. For tourists who want to stay away from the throngs of people and commotion when vacationing in Indonesia, then Lombok is the place to be. Lombok’s Pristine beaches, especially those from the northeast region of the Island, are quieter than the busy coasts of Bali. Kuta provides people white sands. Additionally, there are islands in the northwest which are currently bringing visitors because of calmness and its simplicity. The three Gili Islands are a destination for backpackers because of its simplicity more tourists are finding the paradise.

Desert Bangko-bangko or point is a superb place to surf. Both seasoned and beginner’s surfers can enjoy the waves. Tourists can try snorkeling to see the reefs. Sea kayaking is an additional activity. There are some traveler’s lodges that provide an introduction to fishing to visitors. Aside From the shore, visitors and locals can delight in this haven’s part. Additionally, there are mountain villages to go to and a few of the places is Mount Rinjani. Mount Rinjani is a foot volcano. It adds curiosity to the question where to travel in indonesia. There are trek directed and scheduled by the natives for tourists and locals.

Aside In the island, visitors are always able to enjoy festivities and food in the sceneries and wonders of this island. The term lombok translates into chilli. For those who have a thing for food, then be certain local dishes try a condiment, with sambal. Lombokalso has festivals where there is mixture of religious and ethnic groups. Among the celebrations is the Bau Nyale. Throughout the party, locals commemorate the story of the princess who refused to enter a union that is political. Sea or marine worms roasted have been captured and eaten.

Cloth and textile like woven items and sarongs are amazing for taking home. There are figurines and designs that are local available. Some of the potteries can Be Bought in Masbagik Penujak and Banyumulek. Money changers can be quickly found by tourists. Credit card may be used is some institutions. There are lots of tourist spots, temple complex and a museum to go to. Because transport is available tourists do not need to worry about travelling round the island. Visitors can also rent motorcycles and cars. Reaching Lombok, Indonesia is not hard because Mataram’s city the capital city of the island has an International Airport. Additionally, there are ferry trips from Bali.