All about Table Tennis balls 

Learning a new sport is always. And tennis fits well in this box being a versatile Sports, suiting everybody. It’s a game basically played with the help of a tennis racket and a tennis ball. We all know that people go for high-quality Tennis rackets whenever they have any event or match. Players focus a lot on their individual playing styles and experience, and then on buying a tennis racket suiting and complimenting their style. Do you know, in this entire journey, the role of tennis balls is often neglected? But, to be very honest, focusing on this aspect can have a great impact on the overall game and work as a game-changer. Therefore, focusing on Table Tennis balls is also equally important.

Types of balls 

There are basically two types of tennis balls. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, choosing the right tennis ball is very important for your game.

  • Training balls

The training balls are generally used by beginners. These Table Tennis balls are softer and easy to play with, thus used for training purposes. Therefore, it is suitable for the players starting their tennis journey.

  • Competitive balls 

These are of better quality and harder, generally, work on a competitive scene. These come in variants like 1-star, 2-star, and 3-star. And where the star quality of the ball is chosen, according to the experience and level of the player.

Remembering this can help you find the best ball, having a greater positive impact on the game.