The most effective email remarketing strategy would consist in sending not a single message but a series of messages that refer, for example, to the products in the catalog displayed and placed in the cart (or wish list) and then not purchased: this would be a substantial incentive to convert . The more messages – with differentiated and personalized persuasive communications – the greater the chances of hitting the goal by acquiring a new customer e waste recycling and disposal in singapore.

Timing also plays a non-secondary role: according to the infographic published by SalesCycle, companies that send the first remarketing email message within an hour of abandoning the cart have a conversion rate of 6.33 . These data are confirmed by the SalesCycle “ The Remarketing Report ” which analyzes the sectors and related conversions in detail.

As for the content of the message, it is common opinion that it must necessarily include a special discount to incentivize the user’s conversion process. In reality, users do not always abandon an ecommerce for reasons related to price : in most cases they are simply not psychologically ready to buy.

The costs of an email remarketing campaign can be high and for this reason they are not within the reach of all companies: it is therefore essential to always take into account not only the percentage of abandonment of the conversion funnel but also the overall behavior of users who it can suggest particularly complex structural criticalities of the website.